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Welcome to Europa Motorcar Company located at 1307 Rollins Rd in Burlingame,CA. Please call us at 650-348-0300 to arrange a test drive or visit our website www.EuropaMotorcars.com to view our complete inventory.  Thank you for visiting our online showroom.





30 years ago, our Founder (a Swiss immigrant) established Autohaus Europa Inc. with a vision of providing quality high-end luxury vehicles –par excellence- to the general consumer at reasonable prices.

Europa Motorcar Company has been established to, further facilitate our valued customers by streamlining our operations and become more cost efficient at the same time it has enabled us to secure a foothold in the global market place.




Based on his Swiss background, heritage and vision, we believe that there is no compromise on basic values such as honesty, fairness, respect, and confidentiality.  These important principles have been etched in our company’s basic approach in how we conduct every transaction. As a result, we strive on a daily basis to not only meet but to exceed our customers expectations.




We provide an incomparable level of service that will not only leave a lasting impression on our customers, but will also forge a long-term relationship for their present and future automotive buying needs.




While most of our competitors believe in the price factor alone - often compromising quality - we know that the majority of consumers take quality and service into high regard and demand a meticulously inspected vehicle that surpasses the most stringent requirements. We strive to service our customers’ needs and attribute our success to delivering only the best to them.

In practical terms, this means that we personally hand-select every vehicle that we purchase. Every vehicle goes through a rigorous inspection and is judged under a “no compromise” attitude before being allowed onto our showroom floor.




One can put a dollar value on a vehicle; however, an unparalleled trust-factor exists between us and our clients due to our relentless attention to detail and straight forwardness. Our service provides a complimentary yet priceless value and sets us apart from the rest.

Simply put: See the rest then, come see the best!